You know something is not impossible once you’ve done it

First of all sorry for the recent lack of posts, I will keep you updated in more detail once I am back home in Edinburgh. But for the moment I am close to finish an epic trip, which deserves to be called epic after my race against the winds to catch the ferry. I made it 15 minutes before check-in closed, with cycling 445km in a bit over 24hrs in the saddle. It was close, and some of you might call me crazy, but all I can say is that it was my commitment that made me ignore bailing out. About 2350 km into the trip I am close to Edinburgh. Today has been the shortest day at 139km, but I preferred to end 2011 in a nice, quiet place, and treated myself to a bed and breakfast. I could feel my legs while riding over the Yorkshire hils, with a magic ride over the Yorkshire Moors National Park towards Middlesbrough at the end. After such an epic ride the two days before my body was still to recover, and I gave it plenty of opportunity to do so.

What is coming to an end is a trip that has been epic but highly enjoyable. A trip that has sometimes pushed me close to the limits, but even after yesterday’s demanding ride I still managed to walk, eat and enjoy myself. The quote in the headline is one of my favourite quotes from Graeme Obree, possibly the biggest inspiration I had for cycling. If someone can build a bike out of old washing machine parts and break a world record, than it is mire than credible for him to say that. Before the trip I struggled to find something to get me out there. But yesterday I pulled all strings and gave everything I had. I struggled with bad headwinds, but there was no way I could justify not cycling. I was commited, and I am only 230km away from the finish line. Too tired to celebrate this night, but remebering a great 2011 and looking forward to 2012!