A long way back against the wind

I decided to try to cycle back to Edinburgh, and yesterday marked the first day of the return journey. As good as it felt to spend Christmas with family and friends, as strange it felt to get back on the bike to cycle another 1000km back. Regardless, the ferry is booked and I have 4 more days to get back the my second home, Scotland. It was interesting to see which massive effect it has to look forward to something to do such, may I say epic, journeys. Christmas with the family was a massive thing to look forward to on the last to trips home, and on the first few kilometres yesterday I was looking to find something, but couldn’t find it. All changed again when the sun came out. This leg back is about the journey, not about the destination. That’s motivation enough, but I am as well curious if I can do all the way back to Edinburgh. I made it to Soest last night and treated myself to a cheap hotel after the hostel was closed, and the last 50km were a struggle against the wind. Another puncture made me again think about new tyres, but so far I couldn’t find any suitable replacement, that in the country where Schwalbe and Continental are based. After 210km on the bike I just chilled on a comfy bed, and after a nice breakfast I am off westbound, somewhere in Belgium will be the stop for tonight.