iRIDE: Life Cycles and Scott Napier tonight in Stirling

As I am hosting the second episode in a series of events inspired by two wheels, here a short teaser what’s to come tonight. On the film side of things is Life Cycles, a full-length MTB film from filmmaker Ryan Gibb and multi-award-winning photographer Derek Frankowski. Watching the trailer makes you just want to watch it, it simply looks brilliant. It’s a film about a bike, telling the story from the very moment it leaves the factory until it finally gets trashed. Some of them get trashed earlier, some later, and combined with the skills of riders like Matt Hunter, Cam McCaul, Brandon Semenuk and Thomas Vanderham it will be a great 90 minutes of armchair cycling.

The next highlight of the night will be Edinburgh-based Scott Napier, who is the current world record holder as the fastest man ever to cross the Americas from the top of Alaska to the foot of South America from Deadhorse to Ushuaia. He rode unsupported for 14000 miles in 125 days breaking the record for the route by 15 days. Just from emailing him and doing a bit of research he sounds like a wicked and crazy guy (more crazy than me). Scott will take the audience on a trip with some good humour and a few snapshots, giving a flavour of what has possibly been the longest time trial in the world. If you would like to find out more, have a look at his guest post on Mark Beaumont’s blog

To sum it all up, whoever reads this and is able to travel to Stirling in Scotland, please do so, it would be a mistake to miss out. Tonight, Wednesday 27 Apr 2011, 7.00pm in the macrobert filmhouse on the University of Stirling Campus. All tickets are £12 including a free drink, and you can book online now or call 01786 466666, there are still tickets left. And with Hell on Wheels and the two true Scottish classics Home and Find from Reset Films there are good films confirmed for June already, I will introduce them later, but find out more here. Hope to see you there!