Back to real life ... But first, around the world singlespeed in 10min

Back to real life … But first, around the world singlespeed in 10min

I have had a busy week last week after finishing my trip around the world. One thing I can say is that I still love cycling, I have used the bike every day since I got back from the trip, and I intend to continue doing that. Last Monday I got a lift to Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, the world’s biggest bike fair, with Pat and Andy from Ison Distribution, who sponsored my adventure around the world, and really enjoyed catching up with old friends, new friends and sponsors there. As I didn’t have loads of time for preparing for this trip, I met some people for the first time, and a personal chat is greater than any electronic communication. One thing I took away from the world’s largest trade fair was that bikepacking is certainly on the rise, globally.

The next challenge for me now is to find my feet back in ‘real’ life, finding a place to stay in Edinburgh, some work to do, and so on. On the off chance that someone has any options available in the Scottish Capital or knows anyone, please get in touch. I am commencing day two of real life just now, and so far it’s been okay. The only downside was searching an hour for my bank card, it’s a step change have more than just a few bags where things can hide. The thing that really made my day yesterday was this video here, produced by the wonderful Fynn from Watch yourselves, 10mins that wrap a year on the road up nicely.