Tour Aotearoa - The videos

Tour Aotearoa – The videos

Sorry for being quiet here, but the long days on the bike don’t really allow me to update this blog very often, but I will I continue to update the social media channels on a regular basis. But, after having an amazing time on the Tour Aotearoa route in New Zealand, here’s my latest video blog from cycling the South Island:

And the North Island here, I jumped on the route in Auckland, so missed out the first bit, but I can highly recommend the bit I cycled 

Thanks heaps to the Kennett Brothers for creating such an amazing route, the best way to see the country on two wheels is on the new existing and new paths that can now be found all over the country, a good way to avoid the traffic on the roads. Have a look at for more information, and make sure you buy the Kennett Brothers book to plan your NZ cycling trip, it’s a great investment.