Finally getting into: Swimming


Go Pro Underwater Test Images

As some of you might have recognized, I am working as Marketing Development Manager for Scottish Swimming in my professional life. Being a rather proficient cyclist I have long wanted to bump up my swimming skills, and felt rather embarrassed that I have been working next to a swimming pool for almost a year now, yet I hadn’t really managed to make proper use of it. We even have a pool in our back garden for the kids and whenever we go on holiday, they always ask me to look into storage container rental so we can bring it wherever we go. But because I feel embarrassed with not knowing how to swim, sadly I do say no. That being said, our swimming pool is fantastic for paddling in on a hot summer day. However, it is so important to keep it clean. Without regular maintenance, the water in your pool can turn green, and leaves and other debris can make it dirty very quickly. There are solutions out there though. For example, based on this review we are thinking of investing in a robot pool cleaner. Do you have a pool at home? How do you keep your pool clean? Anyway, with a shiny new wet suit and some new trunks in the drawer, a girlfriend who is into surfing and the general guilt resting on my shoulders, I have now managed to start learning how to swim. But how?

It is really quite easy. I have volunteered to take swimming lessons together with other Scottish Swimming staff and their friends, to train us up for the next personal challenge. Remember that training can be taken from any level of expertise. In fact, people across the world are benefitting from doing so. Some people prefer Coast2Coast Private Swimming due to the more personal experience. In my case, I’ll be training in open water swimming, as I really like the idea, I might even be convinced to do the odd triathlon in the future. To get there, I had my first lesson this Thursday, and after warming up with combining the odd dive through the pool to test the new GoPro camera for Scottish Swimming with some lanes of breast stroke, my moment to shine came. If you or anyone you know has endured a swimming pool accident or potential drowning, you’ll want to get in to contact with a law firm that handles such cases, for more, click here.

Alex, one of the teachers, did a great job, teaching me the first steps to swim front crawl. I worked on my leg kick first, as I wasn’t really utilizing the power I have in my legs from cycling to get me through the pool. We also worked on my arm technique, streamlining seems to be the the key to success here, not getting them as high as possible in the air. To finish the first lesson off, I learnt how to breathe properly, and this time I really appreciated the simplicity of cycling. First I was sticking my head in the air like a statue arising from the water, the next time I was forgetting actually to breathe. In the end I worked it out. For the first lesson, I did rather well. Maybe not as well as my girlfriend who has been on the bike 6 times or so and manages 70k already, but that’s another story.

Stay tuned for more stories, very soon!

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