Mighty Canadians and Scotsmen

Two days, two great gigs. One behind, one still to go. Still buzzing from a very fine performance by Feist at the Royal Concert Hall. The 5 star review in the Guardian is more than earned, as it was impressive how someone can fill the whole spectrum from acoustic ballads to really pulling a show on stage with some very fine guitar riffs. Feist did it all, and even showed some comedy skills in her feedback to the audience, while never leaving you with any doubt that it’s her show. I personally had expected something different, but was genuinely delighted as the evening went on, and the support act M Ward deserves a fine mention as well. IF you ever have the chance to see her, go and do so. Yet another thing that makes me think I should check out Canada in the future, we add fine music to fine scenery, fine people and fine mountain biking.



Talking about biking, I cannot wait to listen to one of my heroes, if there is such a thing, talking at the Pathfoot building tonight at 6.30 in Stirling at the University Campus. Whoever is able to built record-breaking bikes out of washing machine parts has my full respect. “When Chris Boardman used heart rates and power cranks to train for the hour attempts, Graeme Obree took to the hills of Scotland and went on to become The UCI World Hour Record holder twice and a double 4000m pursuit World Champion.” I’ll be there, and will post my thoughts on here afterwards, here are the full details. And did I mention it’s free?