here and now, sooner than later!

It struck me when I left the bank today, after yet another attempt of a ‘advisor’ purely trying to sell me something called insurance, critical illness cover this time, with an added life insurance. Male, 31, single and healthy, there will never be a better time to join, I was advised. Only 34 years left to pay in, and I was assured by the red colour on the screen that this is urgent. No mortgage, no debt, maybe I should get one of those. It might it be fatal ignorance from my side, or usual discomfort, but being reminded of what could happen in your life is not one of those moments that I appreciate in an unwelcoming meeting room in the Bank of Scotland. Having to work there for 34 years surely makes you want insurance, as the illness is on your doorstep. It’s called lack of inspiration, paired with an emotional disorder and the lack of physical exercise.

Do I need that sort of cover? Not really! Especially if you are just not sitting on your bum the whole day waiting for things to come as I do. No, I am certainly not looking forward to retirement at the age of 31, and I don’t care if there are even 34 more years to work! I feel physically strong now, but as much as this also very vulnerable as well, as might of those risks explained to me could happen. So again, should I care now then? So if I do, I can buy my own peace of mind for only 20 pounds a month, what a bargain. It might be worth considering health insurance too; you’re not going to be young forever and you never know what’s lurking around the corner – injury, illness, anything! It’s good to know that your health is covered simply for the peace of mind in that the financial side of treatment will be taken care of while you’re otherwise out of work. Peace of mind is one of the reasons for considering life insurance too. Once it hits you, you get the money, that’s what you paid for. According to the statistics, this is likely to happen, so one day I will not be able to do what I really love to do now, and wonder how one can cope with that, so it’s only right I look into life insurance providers such as special risk managers in the effort to find a suitable policy for myself. However, for the moment I am putting thoughts like this aside, I certainly don’t feel like 31 years, possibly much younger than this. And yes, I am certainly focused more on the here and now, rather than the up and coming. I have met so many people while traveling who envy me for what my life has been so far, 31 years packed with action. Own initiative, moments of absolute highs, and lows. Not really resting, and I think I won’t do so in the next months. There are so many places to go to, so many things I would like to see. This trip is just another proof for that! Live, here and now! Not in the destructive sense, but postponing fun to retirement is not the way for me, money certainly can’t buy happiness! Whilst it’s important to enjoy your life every day, it still might be worth putting some money aside each month to ensure you have enough money for when you’re older. Apparently you can build the cash value on a life insurance policy and draw on it in your retirement years. You can find out more here if you want further information on that, but it does sound sensible. I know my friend pays for life insurance. She says that it’s better to leave your family with some money if anything happens to you unexpectedly. Whilst it’s not nice to think about, you don’t want to leave your family struggling after your death. Maybe it is worth looking into life insurance. Whilst I’m a strong believer in living your life to the fullest each day, I suppose you do need to be responsible and think of the future too.