Still looking for a good project to support

It’s been a long, long day at work in Stirling, as I am just putting the finishing touches to the copy of macrobert’s new season brochure. So there is not much time to think about planning this, but I really want to get that one off the ground. To make one thing clear in the beginning: I am not cycling for the sake of raising money, and I am pretty sure it will never be the sole purpose. There are a lot of people I have met that were utterly unhappy with the cycling trips, but for the sake of raising money they carry on, leaving any joy on the road. I am cycling because I like the challenge, I simply like being out there, exercising, camping and pushing myself that little but further. However, I would love to support some good cause with the ride for Christmas, even if it is just a little contribution, little things can make a huge difference. Ideally there should be some relation to two wheels. I think I have inspired some people in the last years already to get back on the bike, and I would love to carry on doing that. It’s fun, sustainable and sociable, ever ticked all boxes at the same time while riding your car? so if you know of any project that is worth supporting, please get in touch, best post a comment with your ideas, and I will be looking into them. Time for bed now, goodnight Scotland!