Round The World – Singlespeed

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I have done it, I have cycled around the world on a singlespeed bike. From 3 September 2015 till 27 August 2016 I covered 34,097 kilometres trough 26 countries, all on the same gear. I had a lot of fun, I had good and bad days, I met wonderful people along the way.

If you would like to know more about the trip, I recommend watching the video above. If you would like to speak to me about the trip, please get in touch here.

Here are a few links to pieces about the trip:

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Feature on Limitless Pursuits 

News Article on Road CC

Radio Interview for BBC Out for the Weekend

Podcast for The Pursuit Zone

And finally. Why singlespeed? Why not? I have a huge passion for adventure cycling, it has given me the life I love with many superb friends across the globe. At the same time my appetite for simplicity and endurance has developed, and since I took a one speed bike to Germany I have continued to tour on that, cycled Land’s End to John o’Groats, climbed mountain passes in Scotland, finished the Highland Trail 550Strathpuffer and Relentless 24, all on one very fine gear.

For detailed routes please visit my Strava profile.

19 Responses

  1. coastkid71
    coastkid71 at · Reply

    Good luck and have fun Markus!!!

    1. markusstitz
      markusstitz at · Reply

      For sure! Thanks Bruce, some of build was inspired by you!

  2. thedetroiter
    thedetroiter at · Reply

    If you go by Frankfurt, you can stay in our house. I’ve got a bike workshop in the basement, a yard outside for a nice BBQ and a spacious guest room.

    1. markusstitz
      markusstitz at · Reply

      Cool, not sure about route, but will keep that in mind (;

  3. Visflappen
    Visflappen at · Reply

    Impressive! Can I ask what front/rear gear ratio you will be using?

    1. markusstitz
      markusstitz at · Reply

      Sure, likely to be 32/18, but this might change to 33 possibly. The freewheel from Halo comes in 16-18, so that’ll be the range, Surly rings go down to 30 I think, but 32 is the lowest I’d go for.

  4. markusstitz
    markusstitz at · Reply

    Hi there, planning to do a 32-18 ratio, but that might change once I have packed and ridden the bike in the next weeks.

  5. Jennifer Kinsley
    Jennifer Kinsley at · Reply

    All the best! You whizzed past us at The Crook Inn where banana man was stationed, on the Carlisle to Crammond night ride. We then met you on the prom at Crammond…have a fantastic time.

    1. markusstitz
      markusstitz at · Reply

      Thank you! Yeah, was in good form that night, new bike arrives tomorrow. There’ll be a few training rides before I leave (;

  6. Julia
    Julia at · Reply

    Wow, alles Gute für das Abenteuer und die Reise!

  7. Andy
    Andy at · Reply

    Hi Markus,
    Trip sounds great, have a good one.
    I am in New Zealand Feb & March for the Tour Aotearoa next year, if you are about at that time drop me an email, we could have a beer.

  8. at · Reply

    How do you like that Cambium Saddle for the long haul?

    1. markusstitz
      markusstitz at · Reply

      It’s pretty ace, will take it for round the world. Done a great job so far!

  9. Ian King
    Ian King at · Reply


    What is your route West from Singapore?


  10. Gabriel
    Gabriel at · Reply

    Hi Markus:

    Velkomín to Iceland and to Hotel Rjúkandi in Snæfellsnes!

    I just want to say congratz! Amazing adventure! I hope you will be fine in your trip to Grundarfjörður.

    Probably in your way out of Snaefellsnes you will cross our place so you are very velkomín!

    Góða ferð!

  11. James
    James at · Reply

    This looks like an excellent way to spend a year. One question; your pics show WTB Nano tires, but your list has Schwalbe. Which is it and why? Thanks and have fun!

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