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Markus Stitz – Adventurer, photographer, content creator, friend

Hi, I’m Markus, and I am chuffed that you made it here. Would you like to find out a bit more about me? Well, here we go.

My biggest achievement to date is cycling around the world on a single gear. Yes, you read right, one gear. With only a few plane tickets booked and no planned route I first rode through Western Europe over the Pyrenees to Barcelona. The next stop was Iceland to finally experience the Aurea Borealis, but as I soon found out it came with fierce winds and rain, all good to harden me up for the rest of the trip. Next I went to cross the US from New York to Santa Monica and on to San Francisco for the New Years fireworks. I had worked in both New York and San Francisco in my pre-bikepacking life, so it was great to be back finally.

northern-lights-in-stykkisholmur-iceland-october-2015Tracing back more memories I jumped on another plane to ride the Tour Aotearoa Route through New Zealand in January, cycling mostly off road in the country where I lived before settling in Scotland. The most remarkable part of the journey for me was crossing the Nullarbor plain in Australia on one gear. As I chose a mountain bike ratio of 32/18 for the whole trip to be able to cycle as many hills as I could find, riding flat roads wasn’t an easy feat to do. After Australia I touched down in Singapore to ride through the fierce heat and humidity of Southeast Asia in April, through Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam to Hanoi. I lost one clothing size in the progress, drinking up to 12l of water to survive the heat. From there my brother joined me for three weeks cycling across Northern Iran, the highlight of my trip, sampling the outstanding hospitality of the Iranian people, and riding up to the highest pass of the journey at 3150m. Crossing Turkey the rest of the trip took me through the Balkans and back to my family in Germany, and from here the long way to Scotland. Knowing that one gear is simply enough to see the world and there’s no need to take panniers to do that.
Before the epic singlespeed adventure I have travelled hundreds of miles in the last years, mainly in Europe and New Zealand, both off-road and on-road. When I am not cycling I am a passionate marketing professional. I love singlespeed bikes and have done most of my riding in recent years with only one gear. My pictures and words have been published in Singletrack, Spoke, Scotland Outdoors, The Scotsman and Hosteller. In 2015 I developed an long distance off-road route around Edinburgh, the Capital Trail.

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Here is a selection of my long distance trips:

  • Cycling the World singlespeed (2015/16)
  • Cycling on Colonsay and Mull (2015)
  • Cycling to Germany and back for Christmas (2014)
  • Cycling the South Coast of England (2014)
  • 9 days bikepacking through the Scottish Highlands (2014)
  • Cycling in Andalusia (2013/2014)
  • Cycling in Northern Ireland and Ireland (2013)
  • Cycling the West Coast of Scotland (2013)
  • Cycling to Germany and back for Christmas (2011)
  • Orkney and Western Isles (2011)
  • Lands End to John o’Groats (2011)
  • Cycling home to Germany in May (2011)
  • Cycling to Germany for Christmas (2010)
  • Cycling in New Zealand (various trips from 2007 – 2009)
  • Bikepacking the Highlands and Islands of Scotland (2006)

And a few ultra endurance attempts

  • Scotland Coast to Coast in 2 days (2014)
  • West Highland Way in 1 day (2013)
  • Edinburgh to London in 2 days (2012)
  • Snowroads in Cairngorms in 1 day (2011)
  • Edinburgh to Isle of Skye in 1 day (2011)

A selection of races in which I have taken part:

  • UK Singlespeed Champs (2015/16)
  • Capital Trail (2015/16)
  • Highland Trail 550 (2014, 2015)
  • Strathpuffer (2014, 2015, 2017)
  • Relentless 24 (2013)
  • Ten Under the Ben (2012, 2014)
  • Bristol Bikefest (2014)

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