In 2021 I have co-authored my first book with Kathy Rodgers, Big Rides, which was published by Vertebrate Publishing. In 2022 my first book was published by the same publisher. Great British Gravel Rides is much more than just a guidebook. It offers an insight into gravel cycling in Britain, featuring well-known riders like Mark Beaumont and Jenny Graham alongside others.

Great British Gravel Rides

Great British Gravel Rides pays homage to the very best gravel cycling across England, Wales and Scotland. I have curated a collection of 25 routes across Britain – each a favourite route of a well-known gravel cyclist. You can join round-the-world cycling men’s record holder Mark Beaumont in East Lothian, experience a different side of East Anglia with ultra-endurance racer Josh Ibbett and GBDURO20 winner Gail Brown, embark on a coast-to-coast trip across Scotland with round-the-world cycling women’s record holder Jenny Graham, or see the best of Scottish Borders with diversity in cycling champion Aneela McKenna.

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Each route gives an insight into what each cyclist loves about gravel riding – what inspires and motivates them – and why they believe it qualifies as one of Britain’s best gravel rides. A detailed route description of the trail is then provided, including interesting information about the local area, exactly what to expect on the route, details on the best places and attractions to explore, recommendations for the best local cafes and pubs and a list of local bike shops, should they be needed. With inspiring photography showcasing some of the best gravel trails in the UK, as well as bespoke maps and downloadable GPX files for each route, this is the essential companion for any gravel rider.

Whether you want a challenging pedal through the country’s awe-inspiring landscapes or a more leisurely day out in the saddle, let Great British Gravel Rides help you explore the best gravel cycling of Great Britain – your adventure begins here!

You can buy a signed copy of Great British Gravel Rides for £25 including postage in the UK directly from me. There’ll be an extra £3.70 postage charge for most international orders. 

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Reviews in the media

‘My new bible for a while.’ Rob Penn

‘if you’re into gravel, this is the shizzle.’ 
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‘it is difficult to find a better guide that inspires to that degree and that has trips that you will immediately be able to download to your GPS and cycle along. It is extremely thorough both in its descriptions, map material and pictures. All in all, this is a wonderful guidebook with lots of detail, useful information, descriptions, personality and great pictures.’ Read more at cykelportalen.dk 

‘You’re not just browsing a collection of routes – it feels like you’re being welcomed into a community that’s keen to have you, to share its secrets and spread the joy that its sport can bring. Great British Gravel Rides is a book designed to spark (or feed) your sense of adventure, filled with an enthusiasm that’s infectious.’ Read more at rolfraehansen.com

‘a useful guide for anyone who enjoys riding on a surface that isn’t tarmac and maybe wants to spread their wings and go somewhere beyond their doorstep’ Read more at bearbonesbikepacking.co.uk 

‘I know mountain bikers who are a bit sniffy about gravel biking, but I think this book has some fantastic routes in it which everyone who loves getting off tarmac should consider.’ Read more at tinkadventures.com 

‘a book which will make you want to get outside and ride the trails for yourself.’ Read more at cyclist.co.uk

‘narratively rich’  Listen to more at alwaysanotheradventure.com 

‘a comprehensive guide to some great routes on gravel and road’
Read more at ukgravelco.com

‘a book that I am sure will inspire cyclists to get out and explore on gravel.’
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‘As a friend of Markus, and many of the local riders within this book, I was sure that this would be a fantastic read. It has not disappointed.’ Read more at Life In The Saddle


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Big Rides: Great Britain and Ireland

Big Rides: Great Britain and Ireland is an inspirational guide to the most iconic, epic and popular long-distance cycle trails in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland, including two excursions from mainland Britain to Northern France. The twenty-five featured routes showcase the best of Britain on two wheels. For those who prefer to pedal on-road, the routes take you along the historic Way of the Roses trail through Lancaster and York, as well as across Scotland’s Atlantic perimeter on the Hebridean Way. The trails head off-road to Northern England’s hills on the Sea to Sea (C2C) and past iconic monuments in Southern England on King Alfred’s Way. Mountain bike enthusiasts will find plenty to challenge them in the Sarn Helen and through the Scottish Highlands on the renowned Highland Trail 550. The routes then head offshore, to Ireland’s coast on the Wild Atlantic Way and from Devon and Dorset’s Jurassic Coast to Normandy’s alabaster cliffs on the Tour de Manche. Vertebrate Publishing’s Big Rides books are designed to inspire big adventures. Rather than being carried along the route, this guide provides everything you need to plan and explore further, including a general overview of the trails, specific technical information, overview mapping, key information and stunning photography. As well as this, each route specifies approximate timings which allows for you to plan your adventure at your own pace. Whether you’re completing routes at a leisurely speed or racing towards the finish, let Big Rides: Great Britain & Ireland be your guide.

Available at adventurebooks.com or Amazon

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