Bikepacking in Scotland & The Bikepacker's Guide

Bikepacking in Scotland & The Bikepacker’s Guide

I think it’s fair to say that Scotland is one of the best places in the world to take your bike and explore. With access rights that are simply superb, as long as you leave no trace you can virtually go everywhere, Scotland offers opportunities that are second to none if you like a good adventure. But what exactly is bikepacking, and where should you start if you have no idea and start from scratch? Which bike should you take, which routes are there already, and how can you go about planning your own route? Those are all valid questions, and I have been through answering those myself many times before. I have just spent almost two months researching the right equipment for my round the world trip, taking the right things is not all that’s needed, but a very essential ingredient for a great time out.

If you would like some inspiration, I will be doing a talk this Thursday at the Edinburgh Central Youth Hostel at 7.30pm, talking about my own adventures in Scotland, and giving you a flavour of what to expect out there. There are still tickets left and you can book for a fiver here. I am also more than happy to answer any questions and will share my knowledge as well. On top of that, I will bring copies of ‘The Bikepacker’s Guide’, a handy wee book that gives you all the information you need for a good start into your own adventures. The book is also available through Charlie the Bikemonger, but if you come around on Thursday you will get a ‘Be more Scottish’ sticker as well, for free.