Stay hungry, stay foolish

One gear is fineThis space has been quiet recently, but wasting time with writing why would not make things better. So let’s not bother and move on. Start reading from here for the important stuff. I hate to say it for myself, but my life has been fairly average recently. Until Steve Jobs’ legendary speech at Stanford University ignited that very passion in myself again to treat every day as a gift, not as a given thing. Like him or not, but there is a lot of wisdom in those words, I could dig one quote after another out, there is some real magic in this speech, and for only that he deserves a place in history, much more than the thousands of uninspiring politicians we honour. Watch the speech yourself, and you will hate the word average from there on. As I do.

And maybe today made me hate ‘average’ even more. And once again reminded me that once you settle being average, you will slowly, but very surely die. Not necessarily a bad thing (again, watch the speech), but surely it should not top people’s agendas. Yet it does for so many people, and maybe you read his blog because you dislike the average. I could simply cycle a stock standard bike, could do the odd weekend trip with wife and kids (those would need to be sourced first) and shut up. It would be better to do so then, as I would have nothing to write about. I would hate that.

The world would be a boring place without the craziness of poeple like Steve Jobs. It would be full of uninspired bankers or politicians whose sole purpose is to maximise profit. Personally there couldn’t be a gloomier picture for me. But it will never be, deep in myself I am very optimistic and believe in the good of people. And I ride bikes. Not because I am über-concious about the environment, but because I simply like the freedom and fun it brings. To maximise my own personal fun I fell in love with the idea of one gear a year ago. Not to settle on the average, but to stay foolish. To stay hungry. I could have never made a better decision in terms of bikes. And not a bolder choice. I traded comfort in for fun, and I don’t regret any day since I owned the bike. I did not settle on the average, and what happened in the year almost passed is hard to describe with words. So let’s stop here with the words from the beginning, in memory of a great man who left us, and in awe of great adventures to come. Stay hungry, stay foolish.