My first ever talk

I am doing my first ever talk on cycling on 9 Feb at macrobert’s wonderful filmhouse, and it would be great to have a full house for that. I am glad to have the chance to share some memories and pictures from the trip and to have a chat in the cafebar afterwards if you have any questions to ask. I will also bring bike and equipment along that I used for the trip. Opening the night will be a screening of my personal favourite when it comes to mountainbike films, ROAM, which got me to buy my Stumpjumper back in Wellington and start all the crazy cycling ever since. And you will get a free drink as well, Tickets are £12 and available on the phone at 01786 466666. More info here

RIDE is a new series of film events inspired by two wheels at macrobert. Change the comfort of your saddle for a few hours to enjoy only the best bike films in macrobert’s filmhouse, accompanied by inspiring talks and the chance to meet like-minded people in our cafebar afterwards.

Kicking off the IRIDE events the premiere will be hosted by macrobert’s Marketing Manager and adventure cyclist Markus Stitz, who has just recently completed a 1350km-trip on a singlespeed cross bike from Edinburgh to Germany, right in the middle of winter. Opening the evening we will be showing ROAM by Canadian filmmakers The Collective, a film that inspired Markus and many cycle enthusiasts around the globe. Explaining why one gear is enough to be happy, Markus will give you an insight into his epic Christmas trip for the first time on stage in Chasing Shadows, a talk with stunning pictures about an unusual adventure and a life dedicated to the freedom of two wheels.

Wednesday 9 Feb 2011
macrobert filmhouse, University of Stirling, FK9 4LA
All tickets £12 (including a free drink)

ROAM (certificate tbc, 60 min)
A true classic when it comes to mountain bike films, ROAM is an account of total freedom on two wheels, following the world’s best mountain bike riders to amazing locations around the globe. Produced by The Collective after two years of filming it follows Andrew Shandro, Wade Simmons, Thomas Vanderham, Cam McCaul, Tyler Klassen, Ryan Leech, Jordie Lunn, Tyler Morland, Steve Peat, Nathan Rennie and Steve Romaniuk on their bikes through some of the most inspiring locations to ride in the world.

’70 minutes of mostly awe-inspiring riding’  BikeMagic

Chasing Shadows (ca 90 min)
It’s December 11. Markus is on the road to home. All he has are two wheels, one gear, a ferry ticket from Newcastle to Amsterdam and a ticket back to Edinburgh. 14 days and 1350 km later he arrives in time for Christmas at his parent’s house. Without a single fall he has managed to cycle through one of the coldest Decembers since recordings began and completed an uncivilised journey through some of the most civilised countries of the world. Embarking on a true grassroots trip Markus has only one gear, no GPS and keeps on cycling despite blistering cold conditions, snow, ice and wind. Being a keen photographer he tells his story of an extraordinary trip on a singlespeed bike with stunning pictures and talks about his experiences on and off the road, about his motivation to travel and the freedom cycling means for him. Chasing Shadows is the inspirational story of one man’s efforts to chase his own shadow day by day. It’s an homage to cycling and the true freedom it brings, and the proof why happiness sometimes is only one gear away.

‘a hero (and a crazy one at that)’  The Bike List

‘Making us all look like lazy slackers in the process.’  SWOBO Blog